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Household spiders are a common pest problem both inside your home and property. While many spiders are harmless, some species can be venomous and pose a risk to humans and pets. Fortunately, there are effective ways to eliminate household spiders from your home and prevent them from returning. That's where Good Riddance Pest Control comes in - we provide a safe and effective solutions to your spider problem for your home or property in Palm Coast, Florida

Identifying Common Household Spiders in Palm Coast, Florida

Before Good Riddance Pest Control can help you eliminate household spiders, it's important to identify the common species found in Florida, we'll do an inspection first to find the right solution for your home or property spider issues and detect what may be attracting them to eliminate a spider infestation return.

The most common household spiders in we find in Palm Coast households include:

  • Brown recluse spider
  • Black widow spider
  • Southern house spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Jumping spider
  • Yellow sac spider
  • Daddy longlegs spider

While most of these species are harmless, brown recluse and black widow spiders are venomous and should be taken seriously. Their bites can cause severe symptoms, including pain, swelling, and even death in rare cases.

Eliminating Household Spiders

The first step in eliminating household spiders is to remove their food sources. Spiders typically feed on other insects, so reducing the number of other pests in your home can help reduce the spider population. This means keeping your home clean and free of clutter, sealing cracks and crevices where spiders can enter, and fixing any moisture or water leaks that attract other pests.

A pest control company can provide several methods to eliminate household spiders, depending on the severity of the infestation. One method is the use of insecticide sprays, which are applied directly to areas where spiders are commonly found. Another method is the use of glue traps, which capture spiders when they walk across them.

Preventing Spiders from Returning

Once the spiders have been eliminated, it's important to take steps to prevent them from returning. A pest control company can provide ongoing spider prevention services, such as regular inspections and the application of insecticides around the perimeter of your home. They may also recommend sealing any cracks or gaps in your home's exterior to prevent spiders from entering.

Choosing a Pest Control Company

When choosing a pest control company to eliminate household spiders, it's important to look for a company with experience and a proven track record of success. A reputable company will also use safe and effective methods that won't harm your family or pets.

In addition, it's important to choose a company that offers a guarantee or warranty for their services. This ensures that if the spiders return, the company will come back and re-treat your home at no additional cost.


Household spiders can be a nuisance and even pose a danger to your family and pets. But with the help of a professional pest control company like Good Riddance Pest Control Service, you can eliminate them and prevent them from returning. By choosing a reputable company with experience and effective methods, you can enjoy a pest-free home and peace of mind.

Contact Good Riddance Pest Control and Termite Extermination Services today by tapping the green call now button below to schedule an inspection and get started on eliminating your spider problem.


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